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Our Services

Property Evaluation


Comparative Market Analysis

Our team will produce a detailed report of the property conditions and provide recommendations on repairs and improvements to maximize rents. We also will perform a comparative market analysis on rental rates in the area to determine the optimal rental rate.

Tenant Acceptance

& Move-in

We’ll take care of lease agreements and any applicable addenda, coordinate and confirm move-in dates, obtain necessary town certificates, perform a detailed move-in inspection with the tenant,

and more!

Market Property

For Rent

Our in-house real estate team will do what it does best: market your property for rent! This includes:

- Coordinating necessary repairs, cleanings, and  maintenance

- Photographing property

- Marketing and listing property for rent on local MLS and all major websites

- Handle all communication with realtors and potential tenants

Rent Collection

Let us take care of everything that comes along with rent: receive rent payments, follow-up with late payments, send out pay or quit notices, and enforce/collect late fees. 

Tenant Screening & Selection

Let us make sure you are approving the right tenants! We will run a credit check, eviction history check and criminal background check to verify identity, income, credit history, rental history, etc. Once completed, we will review the applications and notify the potential tenant of the outcome.

Legal Assistance

We have our own in-house legal team that has over 15 years of experience specializing in Landlord/Tenant Law in the state of NJ. We make sure that our legal team is available to all of our clients regardless of the size of their portfolio. 

Annual Property Inspections

We will perform annual inspections of all buildings and units on a predetermined schedule to determine any necessary repairs, safety hazards, code violations and/or lease violations. Once the inspection is conducted, we will provide remedies and a plan

of action.

Maintenance, Repairs, & Remodeling

We can provide and oversee a qualified maintenance crew so your property stays in mint condition. Our network of licensed and fully ensured contractors have been vetted for the best pricing in the market and will ensure everything is up to code. 

Tenant Move Out

Our team will inspect the unit and fill out a report on the property’s condition when the client moves out. We will then provide the tenant with a copy of the report as well as estimated damages. If there are no damages, we will return the balance of security deposit to the tenant. We will also facilitate preparation of unit for re-renting and collect keys

from tenant.

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